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Triton bar mixer showers

Von: Roger Mills (watt.tyler@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 11:38
Message-ID: <873t0gFlgvU1@mid.individual.net>
Newsgroup: uk.d-i-y
I see that Screwfix have a Triton Luca Thermostatic Mixer Shower on
offer at £60 - which doesn't sound bad if it's any good. Anyone got any
experience of these?

Also - and importantly - anyone know what water connections it comes
with? Do the pipes connect directly to it, or does it need some
additional connections and support. On the same page on the Screwfix
site there's a Triton "Bar Mixer Bracket" - which consists of a couple
of chrome plated 15mm compression to 1/2" MI (I assume) elbows, joined
by a fixing plate - and costing a massive £65 (more than the shower!)

If the bar shower only has 1/2" FI inputs and no means of support, then
presumably I would need one of these support brackets? This would make
the whole thing seem slightly less of a bargain.
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