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Tips to Sell Domains - Importance of Domain Age

Von: praveen kumar (praveenalvala@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 22.12.2009 11:27
Message-ID: <6068898c-d938-4402-8d1a-e1930227082e@a39g2000pre.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: uk.consultants
How can you sell domains for more money? What are the factors which
make a domain sell for more? These are the questions that domainers
ask when they sell domains. Whether you are new to the game, or you
sell domains on a regular basis, answering these questions is
fundamental to your success.
Let's look at one of the most important factors for those who sell
domains: Ďage'. Domain's have an age too, starting from the day you
registered it and ending right now. Age plays a big factor when you
sell domains. Even if you thought of the perfect name for a site, it
isn't worth anything if everyone knows you just paid $7 to get it
registered. A domain's age also influences the value of a domain on
multiple levels.
The longer you hold on for a domain, the more time you have to make it
appear as an authority resource. Build up those perfect domain names
by putting a content page up and building backlinks. If the domain has
a high PageRank, it will automatically be worth something. Build as
many backlinks as you can for around a year, and the value of your
domain will skyrocket. To cut it short: Time is money.

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