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Datum: 18.03.2009 09:36
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UKJobsListing.com provide you with all the necessary tools to
introduce yourself to the best employers and recruitment agencies in
the United Kingdom and World-Wide saving you time from searching
through thousands of new jobs on the way to finding your next job:

*  Let the perfect job find you - upload your CV and let
recruiters come to you.
* Set up your own Jobs-by-Email alerts and we'll send you the
latest jobs that match your experience.
* Store your CV and covering letters securely and save time when
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* Keep track of all your applications via our UKJobsListing.com
* Receive your free monthly newsletter keeping you up to date with
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* Read our extensive range of career advice articles.
* Career advise, online training and CV writing tips provided by
our online partners.
* Employers and Recruiters: create and post your job in minutes
and pay by invoice, PayPal, debit or credit card. Hiring tools make it
easy to filter and organise online results.


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