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Von: lu wei (fysneaker@126.com) [Profil]
Datum: 11.03.2009 21:31
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Fei Yu (FY) Trade Co.,Ltd. www.fysneaker.com is trading company specializing in hi
gh quality sport jersey, sport shoes,handbags,hats,T-shirts,sunglasses and so o

We always sell excellent quality goods on safe and quick shipment with reasonable pr
ice.With extensive business experience in the industry.we’ve build up lo
ng-term cooperation relationships with all of our clients.The number of our client
s is increasing fast,We enjoy a high reputation from our clients.Our business princ
iple is Putting Clients on Our Top Priority,Providing Clients with High Q
uality Products and Reasonable Prices,Obeying the Time,and Offering Perfect Logi
stics Service .

With rich experience in dealing with all types of shipping,either large orders or sm
all ones,we have developed extensive contacts within many local and international
freight organizations.consequently,we are able to ship our goods safely and relia
bly to almost anywhere in the world.


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